What is multichannel fundraising?

"Multichannel" or "integrated" fundraising are marketing buzz terms that mean the same thing: making use of more than one channel to raise money for charity.

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Online fundraising channels

From websites to email to social media, digital fundraising techniques such as crowdfunding, have become increasingly important and should form a key part of any fundraising strategy.

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Offline fundraising channels

Explore a range of fundraising channels that can help you reach donors and raise funds offline.

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Charity resources

Fundraising Fundamentals

A toolkit to help you put the foundations in place for an effective fundraising strategy

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Useful Fundraising Resources

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Boost donations through your website

Your charity's website is an important tool for raising funds online.

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Write winning emails

Email can be an effective tool to raise donations when done properly. Our top email writing tips can help you write winning emails every time.

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Get the most from social media

Want to step up your social media, or just need some ideas to freshen up your content? Here's some hints and tips to drive your fundraising through social.

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