Charity consultancy


Our experienced advisers are here to share their expertise in charity consultancy and help you to build on your charity’s strengths.


We provide a bespoke consultancy service to charities of all sizes and at all stages of development. We’re experts in supporting charities to build and maintain a resilient organisation.

And as a charity ourselves, with years of experience supporting organisations like yours, we can help.

Meet our charity consultancy team
  • Independent, fee-based consultation for everything from small projects to organisation-wide change
  • Bespoke consultancy based on your needs and opportunities - as much or as little as you want
  • We have unique sector experience working alongside thousands of charities and donors


Strategic planning

Our experts are on hand to help you transform your ideas into brilliant strategies that produce results.

Diversifying your income

It’s not a secret – the best way to futureproof your charity is to have multiple income streams. We can help.

Fundraising for success

The best fundraising strategies and tactics create the strongest charities. Our experts know how to get results.

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Charity governance

Good governance helps you manage risk; great governance provides the foundation for your future success Let’s get building...


  • Contact us with a few details of what you’re looking for.
  • We’ll arrange a time for a 30 minute obligation-free chat, so we can understand what you need.
  • We’ll put together a proposal with tailored advice and, if you’re happy with it, we’ll start working with you on your charity's project.

It’s as simple as that.


  • Our fees depend on the size and complexity of the job.
  • We’ll only charge for the time we spend working on your project - there are no hidden admin costs.
  • A detailed breakdown will be included in your proposal.


How we helped Empty Homes to diversify their income streams

We work with many charities to help them find different ways of bringing in money for their activities. In 2017 we worked with the national campaigning charity, Empty Homes, to identify different ways they could generate funds.

Read about what we did.

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  • How do we calculate our fees?

    Our fees are tailored to the piece of work we’re delivering. In general, our fees are based on the annual income of your charity and start at £600 per day.

    Fees may vary for individuals, companies and social enterprises.

  • Will we do fundraising for your charity?

    We don’t fundraise on your behalf, but we can support your charity to develop its own  fundraising and/or income generation strategy. The strategy can then act as a roadmap for your fundraising activities.

    Our approach is to build capacity and knowledge within the organisations that we support, so that your charity becomes more resilient and self-sufficient.

  • What is our approach to working?

    Our advice and recommendations are based on practice rather than theory. We use our knowledge of the charity sector to ensure that our work is based on practical know-how and market realities.

    We also rely on the skills and knowledge from across our business; for example, those working alongside individual donors, corporate giving and international and domestic civil society research.

    Our work is most effective when we have the co-operation and trust of senior leadership and the trustees of an organisation.

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Meet the team

An introduction to our team, who have a wealth of expertise advising charities.

Starting a charity

Be inspired to make a real difference to the causes you care about.

Income diversification: five things charity leaders need to consider

In this blog, Steph Taylor shares the key things boards should consider if they want to progress towards a more sustainable future.


We offer a full range of financial services specifically designed to help charity or not-for-profit organisations. Here are some that may be of interest.

Use CAF Donate to reach your donors

Fundraising tools

Grow your charity’s fundraising by reaching more new donors and processing donations quickly.

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Savings accounts

From instant access to fixed-term deposits, we can help you make the most of your charity’s money.

Smart savings for charities
Manage your charity's investments online


The CAF Investment Account is the only digital trading platform designed for charities of all sizes.

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Social investment

We’re one of the most innovative and affordable social investment providers in the UK.

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