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Our expert team of charity consultants are on hand to help with any questions you have about running a charity or grantmaking.

  • Stephanie Moss

    Legacy Manager
    Stephanie Moss is the Legacy Manager at CAF and has over 20 years' experience in legacy giving.
  • Ingrid Isaacs

    Charities and Grantmaking Executive
    Ingrid has over 15 years' grantmaking experience and manages and supports the delivery of a wide range of grantmaking programmes.
  • Ben Hughes

    Grantmaking Officer
    Ben's previous experience lies within our Customer Services team, helping account holders' donations reach their chosen charities. Ben also has experience in validating charities to ensure that donations are made to organisations with a charitable purpose, and supports those organisations to ensure they receive their donations.
  • Kathy O’Neill

    Grantmaking Manager
    Kathy's previous background includes grantmaking and Customer Services. Her previous role as a Senior Grant Manager involved being heavily involved in a high value grant programme helping to support hundreds of organisations at grass roots level to increase participation in sporting activities.
  • James Moon

    Advisory Manager

    James delivers advisory work with charities and manages our international grantmaking programmes.

    James has a background in strategy and operational management in the third sector and civil society. He's experienced in fundraising, capacity building, governance structures, impact measurement and advocacy and policy. In his last role, James supported over 50 organisations across 23 different countries to build organisational resilience.

  • Steph Taylor

    Senior Advisory Manager

    Steph leads CAF's advisory work with charities and oversees a number of strategic grantmaking programmes operating across Europe and the UK.

    Steph has a varied background in charity leadership covering grantmaking, strategy, operational and programme management roles. She is experienced in business development, impact measurement and external affairs, and holds postgraduate qualifications in Information Advice and Guidance, Leadership, and Business. She is a school governor and international development charity trustee.

    Read Steph's latest blog on diversifying your charity's income.

  • Michael Theodorou

    Senior Grantmaking Manager

    Michael leads CAF's grantmaking work, providing strategic and operational support to corporates, individuals, government and charities operating globally.

    Michael has managed and chaired many programmes and has over 20 years' grantmaking experience. He has an accounting background, and has advised many charities with governance, capacity building, income diversification, impact measurement and best practice approaches.

    Michael has supported the Venture Partnership Foundation board, was a panel member for Futureversity and volunteers locally.

  • Monica Brown

    Head of Charity Advisory and Programmes

    Monica leads the team which includes overall responsibility for CAF’s charity advisory, grantmaking and legacy services, operating budget and personnel. Monica joined CAF in July 2016 and is part of CAF’s leadership group.

    Monica was previously CEO of the charity Dress for Success Greater London and the National Head of England for the BBC Children in Need Appeal. She has an extensive background in grantmaking, change management and organisational development.

  • Beth Clarke

    Programme Manager, CAF Resilience

    "CAF Resilience is an incredibly exciting programme. We know that many philanthropic individuals are interested in supporting smaller charities but want to know how they can do this in a way that helps the charity to become more resilient. Supporting a small number of organisations over a few years, CAF will be able to learn what works and just as importantly what doesn’t, and share this learning with other charities, funders, as well as donors who are interested in giving in impactful ways."

    Read Beth's article on what makes a charity resilient.

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