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Discover how our corporate giving services can be used to demonstrate your purpose and engage your employees.

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We help our corporate clients develop innovative, creative and strategic corporate philanthropy and responsibility programmes that help increase employee engagement, recruitment and retention. We offer:

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Payroll giving is one of the easiest and most tax effective ways to make regular donations to charitable causes your employees feel passionately about.

We launched CAF Give As You Earn in 1987, meaning that donors have been supporting charities through their salaries for over 30 years. In that time, more than £1.3 billion has been donated through our payroll giving scheme, to over 20,000 different charitable organisations in the UK. Today, there are more than 220,000 people who regularly give to causes they care about through CAF Give As You Earn.

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Payroll giving

CAF Give As You Earn is the UK's market leader in payroll giving. A secure and tax effective way for your employees to give.

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Find a wide range of resources and tools you can utilise to help you inspire your employees to give through your Payroll Giving scheme.

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30 Years of Payroll Giving

Help us celebrate the 30th anniversary of CAF Give As You Earn and the achievements of your employees’ commitment to Payroll Giving.

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Employee engagement with purpose


Our guide is designed to help you with everything you need to know, from insights about how to promote your scheme, to top tips and templates for use in your internal communications.

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Matching employees’ charitable activities can lead to improved staff productivity and loyalty

Providing matching for your employees’ charitable activities is a great way to increase employee engagement, by showing support for the charities they care about.

Whether your employees are fundraising, volunteering or donating via CAF Give As You Earn, our flexible CAF Matched Giving service means you can match their achievements.

Matched Giving

Boost your employees donations.

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Running a race to raise money

Simplify the management and reporting of cash fundraising activities with a Community Engagement Fund.

Fundraising is a great way to get your employees and customers involved with your corporate responsibility strategy. It can raise valuable funds for the charities close to their hearts and demonstrates your company’s commitment to the community.

Engage your employees with workplace giving

Employees donate £50 per year to office charity appeals

Office charity appeals, cake sales and sponsorships see people donating almost £50 to good causes while at work every year.

Most people donate on average £8.60 to appeals

One in four of us (24%) has given to an office fundraising appeal

About one in four of us (24%) has given to an office fundraising appeal, chipping in £8.60 on average.

30% have sponsored a colleague to do something for charity

£10 was the median average sponsorship

£10 was the median average sponsorship for the 30% who had sponsored a colleague to do something for charity.


The importance of Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving empowers employees to support the causes that are the most important to them, providing charities with a long-term and regular income stream.

Payroll Giving Quality Mark (PGQM)

This government backed accreditation rewards companies with an accreditation to celebrate and promote their achievements.

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