About CAF Give As You Earn (GAYE)

CAF Give As You Earn is the leading UK workplace giving scheme that enables your employees to give to any UK charity straight from their salary. Donations are tax-effective because they are taken before tax is applied, which means the charity get more of your employees donation and it costs the donor less.

Why choose CAF Give As You Earn?

We are a leading approved payroll giving agency, distributing over £60million worth of employee donations every year. Here’s why you should sign up:

Online with CAF Give As You Earn

It's simple to run

Easily view and managed your employees’ donation instructions and keep track of your new employee instructions through real-time or monthly notifications.

Managing FTSE100 companies' donations

We're trusted by thousands of companies

Trusted by majority of FTSE100 companies to ensure their donations reach legitimate charities.

Donate to over 160,000 charitable organisations

Your employees can donate to any UK registered charity

Including any entities recognised by HMRC as charitable, such as churches, health authorities, universities, schools, community groups and more.

Engage Your Employees

When purpose is at the heart of your workplace culture, employees feel like they can contribute towards doing something good.

CAF Give As You Earn, is an easy way to connect with your employees and help them identify with your organisation's purpose.

Take a look at what the Wellcome Trust had to say about their scheme.

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Other benefits of payroll giving

Provides employee insight

Use data from payroll giving reports to better understand what employees care about.

Enhances existing CSR activity

Use payroll giving as a tool to drive corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

Creates positive PR to staff

Demonstrate your company's commitment to supporting staff, the community and wider stakeholders.

Serves as a differentiator 

Achieve external recognition for charity contributions through Government-recognised quality marks.

Choose how to structure your scheme

We offer three different ways for employees to give through payroll giving:

Charity account

Allows employees to accumulate donations and disburse them as they see fit. Employees can make ad-hoc donations or set up standing orders from their account.

Direct to charity

Allows for employees to set up a donation to go straight to their favourite charity.

Staff charity fund

Pool your employees’ payroll giving donations and make a substantial collective contribution to a predetermined charity.

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CAF Give As You Earn

Start your application today

Download the CAF Give As You Earn application pack to join the number one payroll giving scheme in the UK.

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