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Businesses and organisations from a whole range of sectors have found CAF Give As You Earn the perfect vehicle for charitable giving, bringing benefits not just to charities, but to employees and the organisations themselves. Small wonder that today over 400,000 donors across from more than 3,000 different organisations choose CAF Give As You Earn to manage their donations.

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How Platinum PGQM winner Telereal achieved its goals

With its high profile in the property sector, Telereal Trillium recognises the importance of its relationship with its stakeholder community, both internal and external. It understands that if it acts responsibly across all aspects of its operations it will make a strong social and environmental contribution, as well as delivering sustainable financial performance.

We have been working with Telereal Trillium since 2000, to provide its employees with a tax efficient and safe way to donate to the charity of their choice through CAF Give As You Earn.

How CAF Give As You Earn has become embedded

Since 2000 Telereal Trillium’s Head of Corporate Responsibility, Susan Cain, has seen CAF Give As You Earn become an important part of the company’s charitable giving strategy. One reason for its significance is the fact it allows employees to donate to any UK registered charity.

As Susan explains: “We make a feature of the fact employees can donate to, or fundraise for, the charity of their choice and Telereal Trillium will make a matching donation.  For us it’s important that the company is supporting the many causes closest to our people’s hearts, rather than restricting the giving to a nominated corporate charity of the year.”

How CAF Give As You Earn is promoted

We have worked with Telereal Trillium to innovate its charity scheme and promote it internally, via the intranet, staff communications, at the annual conference and in team meetings. Activities incorporated some of the insights from our recent Nudge theory report, released in collaboration with the Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights team, to motivate giving amongst employees.

For example:

  • CAF Give As You Earn is endorsed by a board level Director during the corporate induction process 
  • The company celebrates individual members of staff involved in the scheme from across the business and at all levels from MD to its most junior level employees and the charities they support. Their stories are presented alongside personable pictures and quotes.

Great achievements

In 2014 Telereal Trillium achieved Platinum status in the Payroll Giving Quality Mark for the second year running. The Platinum status is the highest accolade for organisations offering payroll giving and cements the organisation’s position as a responsible employer and business.

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