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Businesses and organisations from a whole range of sectors have found CAF Give As You Earn the perfect vehicle for charitable giving, bringing benefits not just to charities, but to employees and the organisations themselves. Small wonder that today over 400,000 donors across from more than 3,000 different organisations choose CAF Give As You Earn to manage their donations.

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How Visa engaged its employees' with charitable giving

How Visa engaged its employees with charitable giving

Visa is one of the world’s leading brands, offering safe and secure payment products. Its CSR strategy encompasses: being a responsible business, community engagement, raising money for good causes, and at the core, it’s people and being a ‘great place to work’, as illustrated in this short YouTube video.

With 92% of its employees proud to work there and 91% stating that CR is important, Visa Europe is clearly doing quite a few things right to create a happy workplace where its employees are not only aware of CR activity, they are actively engaged and satisfied with it as well.

How Visa Europe is engaging its employees

Visa Europe offers its employees the opportunity to take part in CAF Give As You Earn – the number one UK payroll giving scheme to demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility to its employees.
While other areas of charitable fundraising at Visa are focused on the corporate themes of: protecting and empowering children and young people, and stimulating economic growth, CAF Give As You Earn is more personal for the individual employee. The scheme gives employees the freedom to support any charity from a well known international NGO to a local church, and illustrates that Visa Europe respects its employees and supports their personal motivations to give.

How CAF Give As You Earn is promoted

Visa Europe has created an on-going calendar of promotional events which runs throughout the year to ensure all its UK employees come into contact with CAF Give As You Earn, understand the benefits and are given the opportunity to sign up.

These activities include:

  • Presentation of CAF Give As You Earn to all new joiners so they understand it from the start.
  • Promotions across the intranet and on plasma screens which sit within the central common areas within its UK buildings to remind staff about it on a regular basis.
  • Road shows in the restaurant areas of all UK offices to bring CAF Give As You Earn to the employees in a situation where they have time to engage.
  • Celebration of Visa Europe’s silver Payroll Giving Quality Mark.

This activity is driven by the desire to engage employees and to be the best employer it can be, but also the ambition of achieving a Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark next year.

“We were really proud when we achieved the silver Payroll Giving Quality Mark as we were not expecting it. It is a great endorsement for all those who have already joined the scheme and gives us a great focus for our next round of communications. Aiming for gold will keep us motivated.”

Sharon Wallace, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Visa Europe.

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