Payroll giving is your organisation’s opportunity to make a real difference to UK charities, engage employees and show your commitment to corporate responsibility, without having to pay a penny.

Since we launched the UK's first payroll giving scheme in 1987, we've continued to grow payroll giving through CAF Give As You Earn, which has contributed £1.3billion in donations since 1987. This regular income stream is golden to charities.

CAF Give As You Earn also offers a tax benefit to your employees and can be an easy addition to or starting point for your organisation’s CSR strategy.

What is CAF Give As You Earn?

CAF Give As You Earn is the most popular payroll giving scheme in the UK. In 2017 we remained the UK's market leader with over 250,000 payroll givers from 2,700 companies giving £76 million in 2015/16.

The facts about payroll giving

  • It doesn’t have to cost you a penny, unless you wish to pay the fees on behalf of your employees or match their donations
  • Your employees can nominate the charitable organisation of their choice allowing them to support the causes closest to their hearts
  • It gives charities a regular income stream which helps them plan their expenditure
  • It is tax-effective for your employees and any matching offered by your organisation is deductable against corporation tax
  • 1 in 3 employees would sign up for payroll giving if their employer offered it. This could equate to an additional £175m going to good causes.

Start your payroll giving journey with three simple steps


CAF Give As You Earn

Our Payroll Giving scheme is a flexible, tax-effective way for your employees to donate to the causes they care about straight from their pay.

Payroll Giving Quality Mark (PGQM)

This government backed accreditation rewards companies with an accreditation to celebrate and promote their achievements.

The benefits of payroll giving

Payroll giving is a 'win win win' for all involved.