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Complete our online Letter of Wishes and your gift to charity could help transform lives around the world for future generations.

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CAF offers a flexible way to leave one gift in your Will to benefit as many charities as you like.

Leaving multiple charitable legacies in your Will involves a lot of work, which is why we've designed our service to make it easy for you and your executors. Here's how it works:

  • Name CAF in your Will - we give you the exact wording to make this step easy.
  • Identify the charities you'd like to support. If you are unsure of who to give to, our expert advisors can help you select charities, or charitable causes, that are important to you.
  • List the charities or charitable causes in your Letter of Wishes and send it to us.
  • View our fee schedule

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CAF flexible choice of charity

It's flexible

Each time your choice of charities changes, just send us a new Letter of Wishes at no cost to you.

CAF no transfer fees

It's practical

By naming us as the only charity, you save time and costs for your executors, meaning more money could be available for your charities.

CAF guaranteed secure payments

It's secure

As a registered charity, we can ensure any tax benefits that your estate attracts will be valid.

CAF confidential communication

It's confidential

We won't share your Letter of Wishes with anyone, unless you want us to, which means your choices will remain private.


If you have received a legacy, you may decide that you would like all, or a part of it, to be donated to charity.

However, you may not want to donate the money all at once, and you might want some time to choose which causes to support - if so, we can help.

A CAF Deed of Variation to a Will is a flexible, tax-effective way to create a charitable giving fund from a legacy that you have received.

Create a flexible gift in 3 simple steps
Deed of Variation


University of East Anglia Legacy case study

Helping emerging entrepreneurs

  • University of East Anglia (UAE)

'Helping the man on the street' – how a CAF Legacy is helping to transform the lives of young entrepreneurial minds at UEA.

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Families Affected by Autism Legacy case study

Empowering local causes and communities

  • The CAF Tourle Foundation Fund

How £4.5million will be awarded, thanks to a generous CAF Legacy donor, over 10 years to support small organisations.

Be inspired by our case study
CAF Charitable Legacy Service Swannington Heritage Trust case study

Preserving the past for a brighter future

  • Swannington Heritage Trust

How a CAF Legacy is helping to finance plans to restore 200 year-old Hough Mill to its former glory.

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CAF Charitable Legacy Service Wigmore Hall case study

Striking the right chord

  • Wigmore Hall

How a CAF Legacy is helping Wigmore Hall attract a younger audience to live music events (photo credit: Esmé Quartet © Benjamin Ealovega).

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New homes for vulnerable veterans

New homes for vulnerable veterans

  • Stoll

How one CAF Legacy is funding housing and support services, to help veterans lead fulfilling, independent lives.

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CAF Charitable Legacies Mace case study image

Your charitable legacy can go worldwide

  • Book Aid International, KARI and iDE

How the Mace legacy, managed by CAF, has provided an inspirational lifeline to three international charities.

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Stephanie Moss

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Stephanie Moss is our Legacy Manager. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss leaving a CAF Charitable Legacy.   

Stephanie Moss
Legacy Manager

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