Three easy steps to sign up for payroll giving

1. Give your giving some thought


To give to charity through CAF Give As You Earn your employer must offer a payroll giving scheme. Find out if your employer has a CAF Give As You Earn scheme. If not why not champion it within your organisation? Or ask us to contact them on your behalf.

You can donate directly to the charity of your choice and/or set up a CAF Charity Account  which you can fund through CAF Give As You Earn and then use to sponsor people or donate to a charity when it's needed most.


You have complete control over which charity or charities receive your money. You can donate through CAF Give As You Earn to any of the 160,000 registered charities or nominate a smaller charitable organisation. You also have the option to remain anonymous from any charity you donate to – just indicate this on the Donor Instruction Form.

How much

You can set the amount you would like to donate and how often*. Every £1 you donate only costs you 80p if you are a basic rate tax payer – less if you’re on a higher rate.

We take a small administration fee from your donation, but many employers choose to pay this on behalf of their employees. Contact your payroll department to find out if your organisation pays the administration fee for you.

With CAF Give As You Earn, you have the flexibility to change your mind and amend your donation at any time. Simply complete a Donor Instruction Form to inform us and your employer of the changes.

* To set up a CAF Charity Account you need to top up a minimum of £10 a month or £120 a year.

2. Complete a Donor Instruction Form

Use this simple form to instruct your employer’s payroll department and our processing department about your charitable giving wishes.

3. Send a copy of this Donor Instruction Form to your employer and CAF

Submit a copy of your completed form to the department responsible for your organisation’s CAF Give As You Earn scheme - this may be Human Resources, Payroll, CSR or another department and send a copy to us by scanning in the form and emailing it to 

Or send it by post to:

CAF Give As You Earn,
Charities Aid Foundation,
25 Kings Hill Avenue,
West Malling,
ME19 4TA

I've completed my Donor Instruction Form

What happens next?


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