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Everything you need to know about Gift Aid. Find out how you can grow your charitable giving by 25% through Gift Aid, plus much more.


Gift Aid means charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) get an extra 25p for every £1 donated.

Gift Aid is a scheme which allows charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) to claim from HMRC, the basic rate of tax their donors have paid. Gift Aid increases the value of donations by 25%, so it means even more money goes to the causes you care about – and it won’t cost you extra.

If you manage all your charitable giving with a CAF Charity Account, you only need to complete one Gift Aid declaration (GAD) and we’ll arrange for the Gift Aid to be added to your account. Likewise, if your circumstances change and your donations are no longer eligible for Gift Aid, you just need to let us know, and it saves you the time and admin of contacting each of the charities you support directly.


The charity can only claim Gift Aid on monetary donations from your own funds, and if you’ve paid UK Income and / or Capital Gains Tax during that tax year. The tax you pay in that tax year must be at least equal to the value of Gift Aid the charity or CASC will claim on your donation(s).

If you stop paying enough tax, it’s important to tell all of the charities you’re donating to. If you don’t let them know, and you pay less tax in the tax year than the amount of Gift Aid they’re claiming, you will need to pay any difference back to HMRC.

Donations made with a company’s money or other peoples’ money, including amounts raised through fundraising (eg a bake sale)  are not eligible for Gift Aid and you must not request Gift Aid be claimed by the charity on such funds.


For a charity to claim Gift Aid on your donation you need to make a Gift Aid declaration (GAD). The GAD confirms you’re a UK tax payer and that Gift Aid may be claimed on your donation.

What if I'm a higher rate taxpayer?

If you pay tax above the basic rate, you can claim the difference between the rate you pay and the basic rate on your donations. The same applies if you live in Scotland. You can either claim the difference through your Self Assessment tax return or by asking HMRC to amend your tax code.

Are you an existing CAF customer?

If you have a CAF Charity Account, simply log in and choose ‘My profile’ then ‘Gift Aid my donations’.

Alternatively, you can make changes to an existing GAD, by calling our Customer Service team on 03000 123 000 between 9am and 5pm Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays.

If you’re a CAF Give As You Earn customer, donations aren’t eligible for Gift Aid as they’re taken from your wages before tax.

Are you a charity or CASC?

Key facts about claiming back Gift Aid on a donation:

•    You can claim if you’re recognised as a charity or CASC by HMRC.
•    Your donor needs to complete a Gift Aid declaration form.
•    You can claim from HMRC online and get payment within 5 weeks.

Visit the HMRC website to find out more about claiming Gift Aid as a charity.

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