Gifts made to charities cannot be refunded. Whilst we provide donors with the ability to donate to any of the charities that appear in our database, there may be certain circumstances when we are unable to fulfill a donation request. For example, some charitable organisations do not accept donations, their charitable status may have changed, or we (Charities Aid Foundation) may not be able to obtain their bank details or contact them. When this occurs, the following processes are followed:

i. CAF Charity Accounts and CAF Charitable Trusts
When a donation from a CAF Charity Account or a CAF Charitable Trust cannot be fulfilled, the amount of the donation is credited in full back to the account.

ii. Credit / debit cards
Where we don't have the charity's bank details, we will contact the charity to obtain the required information.

If we do not receive a response from the charity after 30 days, if the charitable status has recently changed, or if the charity has declined your donation, we will ask you to select a different charity to receive your gift.

If we do not hear from you within another 30 days, your gift will then be passed to the CAF Grants Council to distribute to charity.


The information in our charity database is intended for charitable use only, and is designed to help donors build relationships with charities.

We do not endorse or affiliate ourselves with any of the organisations to which a link is provided. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, we have no affiliation with any of the organisations mentioned or described, and we make no representations or warranties with regard to those organisations. We do not endorse or affiliate ourself with any of the organisations which are linked to.


The data contained in our database is supplied by CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) and the Charity Commission.

i. Data supplied by CAF
The data we supply is based on information we hold about charities to which we have made payments, and information provided by charities via our CAF Donate service. Using CAF Donate, charities publish information about their work at their own discretion and responsibility. It is the responsibility of charities to update their online profile, and CAF cannot and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the contents therein.

ii. Data supplied by the Charity Commission
The Public Register of Charities is supplied by the Charity Commission and is used in our Charity Search under license. No warranty is given or implied by the Charity Commission as to the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the Data supplied under this agreement.


Charities that do not wish to appear on our Charity Search can request that they are removed from our Charity Search database.

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