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CAF 2016 Charity Publications - View All Reports Here 
A follow-up to Charity Street and a look at corporate responsibility worldwide are among the publications.

Facilitating International Giving to Kenya's Most Deserving Communities 
In an increasingly uncertain world, Kenya stands out. Like many countries globally, Kenya is dealing with the complexities of growing unemployment and a rising cost of living.

CAF UK Giving Report 2017 | A survey of UK giving behaviour 

2017 publications | CAF | Charity and donor research and publications 
We regularly produce research into individual and corporate giving, as well as the charitable sector. Find all of our 2017 publications here.

Philanthropy insight from CAF | CAF 
Explore the latest insight into philanthropy and charitable giving from the experts at CAF.

CAF Connects | Spring 2017 | Charities Aid Foundation 
CAF celebrates the 30th anniversary of Payroll Giving, analyses the generosity of giving in CAF's UK Giving Report and more.

CAF | Local support for charities in North West England 
Insight and support for charities based and operating within North West England.

Our research and policy papers published in 2012 | CAF 
You’ll find all our 2012 publications here, including our World Giving Index report and research into the future of philanthropy.

2014 publications 
You’ll find our 2014 publications here, including World Giving Index and our Party Conference report. We also look into philanthropic giving in the future.

Charity Investment Glossary - Understanding the Terms - CAF 
Our glossary gives a definition for commonly used terms when making a charitable investment. Demystify investing and accounting terms today!