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What will new technologies and social trends mean for giving?


Our world is changing rapidly. New social trends and developments in technology will transform the ways in which we help others and address the biggest challenges facing our society.

Here we explore the key social and technological trends that will shape the world in the coming years, and the challenges and opportunities they will bring for civil society.
  • Digital thumprint 275px
    21 July 2017

    Knowing Me, Knowing You: Self-sovereign digital identity and the future of charity

    A fundamental shift in the way that online identity works may be coming. What impact could this have for the work of charities and their relationships with their supporters?
    Find out how identity is changing
  • Artifical intelligence (275)
    02 June 2017

    Robotic Alms: Is Artificial Intelligence the future of philanthropy advice?

    Could recent developments in AI technology transform the nature of philanthropy advice and make it far more widely accessible at the same time?
    Find out what future philanthropy might look like
  • cyborg (275 px)
    02 June 2017

    5 ways AI is already having an impact on charity

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a potentially transformative technology. It is yet to reach its potential in the charity world, but is alreay starting to have an impact in a number of ways.
    Find out how AI is having an impact
  • Decentralised (275)
    9 May 2017

    The Decentralisation of Good: Blockchain, DAOs and the future of charity

    What could decentralisation through technologies such as blockchain mean for the future of philanthropy and the way charitable organisations operate?

    Find out what the future might hold
  • Tech problem blog summary image
    20 April 2017

    Future Imperfect: 10 new problems that technology will create and charities will have to deal with

    We hear a lot about how technology is going to change society for the better. But will it also create new problems that charities will have to address?
    Find out what these future challenges might be


Giving Unchained: Could blockchain technology revolutionise charitable giving?

Rhodri Davies talks about our report Giving Unchained, which explores the potential for blockchain technology to transform giving.


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Block & Tackle | Could blockchain technology transform charity regulation?

Rhodri Davies talks about out report Block & Tackle, in which we consider the possibility of using blockchain technology to create civil society organisations.


Decentralised (128)

Losing the Middle, Keeping the Heart: Blockchain, DAOs & the decentralised future of charity

In this discussion paper we explore the ways in which the decentralising effects of blockchain technology could transform philanthropy and the structure of charitable organisations.
In this discussion paper we explore the ways...

Block & Tackle: using blockchain technology to create and regulate civil society organisations

In this paper we ask whether blockchain technology could be used to create charities and other civil society organisations. This could transform how charities operate and the ways in which they are regulated
In this paper we ask whether blockchain...

Giving Unchained: Philanthropy and the blockchain

The blockchain is the technology that makes Bitcoin possible, and experts now believe it has far wider applications in all sorts of areas. In this paper we explore some of the ways in which blockchain tech could transform giving.
The blockchain is the technology that makes...

Giving a Bit(coin): Cryptocurrency and philanthropy

In this paper we look at some of the unique features of new 'cryptocurrencies' such as Bitcoin, and how they could bring benefits for philanthropy and the work of charities.
In this paper we look at some of the unique...


What do the tech trends for 2017 mean for philanthropy?

The implications of various tech developments for philanthropy are explored by Rhodri Davies, Policy Manager.

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