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Charities have never been more important #CharityUnitesUs

30 March 2020

Today we are launching our social media campaign #CharityUnitesUs, all about shining the spotlight on the experience of charities during this difficult time. 

Charities bring us together and continue to provide crucial support to our communities and to society’s most vulnerable. We also know many charities are really struggling and need donations now.

We want the #CharityUnitesUs hashtag to create an out-pouring of charity on social media. Let’s demonstrate how valuable the charity sector is, especially at times like this and tell those people who are in a position to help, how they can support you.

How to get involved in #CharityUnitesUs

We understand you are incredibly busy at this time but it’s so important that we hear and see charities on social media right now. There are a number of things you can share.

  • The experience of your service users
  • How you’re adapting your services?
    • Are you providing services digitally now?
    • Are you a business, using your expertise or voice to help during the crisis?
  • Photos of your staff working from home, continuing to deliver your mission
  • Encourage your supporters to share how they are supporting you during this difficult time.


Social media post ideas

Everyone here @XXX is working to support our beneficiaries at this difficult time by XXX and XXX #CharityUnitesUs

Our business can wait. Right now we are helping XXX by XXX. We all need to come together and help however we can during this difficult time. #CharityUniteUs

We are proud to be able to use our voice to help during this crisis. We know our customers/clients/staff want us to help any way we can so we are XXX. #WeCanAllGiveSomething #CharityUnitesUs

We couldn’t keep delivering on our mission without the effort of our volunteers who are working so hard for us right now. If you have some time to give, why not help us give back? Contact XXXXX #CharityUnitesUs

We may not be in the office but here are some photos of our staff hard at work in their own homes. #StayingHome right now is so important. #ChairtyUnitesUs

We’re so grateful for the support you give, but right now we are struggling & need urgent donations if we are to remain open. We know that so many of you will also be struggling right now but if you can give, now is the time. #ThankYou #CharityUnitesUs.

Virtual fundraising event ideas

  • Organise an online charity pub quiz! As everyone stays home, we are all looking for new ways to socialise. Why not organise virtual charity pub quiz. All you need is a webcam, some questions and a link to your fundraising page so people can donate.
  • Organise a virtual coffee morning. Meeting up online is very important right now as so many of us are at home on our own. Again, all your need is a webcam and a virtual meeting platform, and a coffee of course! You can give your virtual visitors an update on what you are doing and share how they can help.
  • Create an emoji quiz, where the answers are set out using emojis. For example: Question: What is the name of this film? Answer: Lord of the Rings
  • You could encourage your supporters/staff to get involved in the #CoronaOutfitChallenge, sharing their favourite / silliest / most outrageous stay at home outfit and ask them to make a small donation to your charity and nominate some friends to do the same.


Campaign hub

Our #CharityUnitesUs hub is hosted on the Giving Tuesday campaign website.  Follow Giving Tuesday on Twitter to keep updated and we look forward to seeing your #CharityUnitesUs stories.