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Can charities help bring the country back together?


Nearly everyone, regardless of how they voted in the Referendum, think it is important that people help each others.

At a time when communities are more divided than ever, we are also seeing fewer people giving to charity. We believe that charity unites us and will play an important role in bringing the country back together.

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Important role

Most people (69%) think that charities play an important role in society.

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Social cohesion

Four in ten (44%) think charities can improve social cohesion and heal social divides (37%).

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A third of people think that charities have a strong role to play post-Brexit.

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Our Recommendations

CAF recommends a number of ways that the government can promote the important role charities play in our communities.

Healing divisions

Charities should be seen as a key stakeholder in post-Brexit Britain, as they are key in helping to address social challenges and bring communities together.


We advocate for a positive operating environment for civil society internationally and promote a global culture of giving that we believe could unlock huge potential for sustainable development.

Lobbying Act

The UK’s position as a global leader for civil society can be a source of great pride. But the Lobbying Act has a ‘chilling effect’ on charities’ ability to advocate on behalf of their beneficiaries, so should be repealed.

Technological change

Charities have a vital role to play in ensuring that new technologies are developed and implemented ethically, and need to be brought into the debate about the future of technology.

Local philanthropy

Developing place-based giving will encourage partnerships to make local philanthropy more strategic and help build civic pride.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving. An opportunity to celebrate the charities and causes we care about. Join us on Tuesday 3 December 2019 and together we can make a world of difference.
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We work to build a stronger charitable sector by running campaigns, influencing government and encouraging people to give to good causes.

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