Susan interviewed By Eddie Mair on LBC radio during the launch of UK Giving 2019.


Susan Pinkney has been taking the temperature of public opinion in Britain and around the world for nearly 20 years. An experienced researcher and polling expert, she has been getting to the heart of how people think about issues ranging from obesity in the UK through to donating behaviours in China. 


Susan's broad range of research and insight knowledge includes:

  • the impact of Covid-19 on charities and giving
  • the impact of public opinion on charities
  • understanding why people give to charity
  • explaining how Britain and the world gives
  • bringing opinion research to life
  • making the complex simple


Susan is an experienced broadcast commentator and public speaker, regularly interviewed on radio and TV to give her insight on charity and giving.  Susan's vblog Understanding Charities in 1 Minute has received the most social media engagement of any CAF vblog. 

Susan's engagements include

  • An interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talk Radio, dicussing how giving to charity has changed during the Covid-19 crisis
  • Presenting findings from CAF Ireland Giving 2020 at the publication launch with Philanthropy Ireland, in Dublin
  • Presenting 10 year findings of the World Giving Index at the Aga Khan Foundation in London and in Nairobi
  • FSI Fundraising conference 2019, speaking on small charities
  • Extensive media interviews for the CAF 2019 World Giving Index 10th anniversary launch
  • Extensive media interviews for the 2019 CAF Scotland Giving and CAF UK Giving report launches
  • Launch of Scotland Giving 2018 at the Scottish parliament
  • The Market Research Society 2017: Brexit and the charity sector

Susan Pinkney CAF Ireland Giving presentation 2020


As our Head of Research, she is responsible for leading world class research projects such as the World Giving Index, the leading global survey of generosity, UK Giving, the largest annual survey into giving in Britain, and CAF’s annual analysis into corporate giving by the FTSE 100.

An experienced commentator, well versed in making the complex simple and drawing sharp insights from data, Susan knows how people give, whether it is how many miles we run for charity, or how much charity bake sales raise for good causes, bringing opinion to life and drawing on a career in social and market research working mainly for UK Government departments, the Scottish Government and charities.

Susan has been a Trustee of The Hospice in the Weald since 2017.
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