2013 publications

Growing up Giving


With the over-60s now more than twice as likely to give to charity as the under-30s, what does the future hold?

More than half of all donations given in the UK now come from those aged 60 or over. While the generations that have followed – those now in their 30s and 40s – are still generous with their time and their money, they are less likely to give than those who are older.

The aim of this research was to understand how young people think about charities and charitable giving, including:

  • Exploring young people’s general attitudes towards charity and charitable giving.
  • Understanding what might encourage young people to engage even more with charities.
  • Assessing how young people see and hear about charities.
  • Quantifying what proportion of young people are engaging in charitable activities and what those activities are.

Download the report Growing up Giving - Insights into how young people feel about charity.

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