2014 publications

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We've worked with Nexus and McDermott, Will & Emery LLP (MWE) to produce the world's first global index that ranks nations by how enabling the legal, regulatory and tax environment is for charitable giving.
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Russians give more than is generally believed, according to Russia Giving - a new report from CAF Russia.
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CAF and ACEVO have launched 'The Yellow Book of the Voluntary Sector,' an essay collection featuring contributions from Liberal Democrat Ministers, MPs, Peers and candidates.
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CAF and ACEVO have launched 'The Blue Book of the Voluntary Sector' which explores the relationship between the Conservative Party and the voluntary sector.
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CAF and ACEVO have launched 'The Red Book of the Voluntary Sector - Civil Society and the Labour Party after the 2015 election', featuring contributions from a number of prominent Labour parliamentarians and thinkers.
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Charities play a vital role in our national life - but are we fully aware of how much good they do? Read our report to discover the value of charity to British households.
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Our final ‘Future of Philanthropy’ study reveals how social change is being driven by wealthy UK donors, whose roots lie in other parts of the world.
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The report outlines the issues facing both the supply and demand sides of the market, and some of the challenges these present to policymakers and practitioners.
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The UK’s biggest companies have almost doubled their donations to charities over the last five years, but most people are unaware of their work in this area, according to new research released today.
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Charities face climate of suspicion and repression in many countries worldwide threatening the potential growth of middle class giving as millions are lifted out of poverty. What is driving this worrying trend and what needs to be done to address it?
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