From UK Giving to the World Giving Index, our research helps to develop a greater understanding of the charity world.

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    Chain links: the role of Mayors in building a culture of civic philanthropy

    By championing local giving, do Mayors have an opportunity to embrace the generosity of people and business to help address local issues?
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    Strong and Stable for the Many, Not the Few

    This paper, published before the 2017 Queen’s Speech, explores what the recent election campaign and political climate means for society, and the ways in which charities can help to tackle some of the challenges that the country faces.
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    Losing the Middle but Keeping the Heart: Blockchain, DAOs and the future decentralisation of charity

    Decentralising technologies such as blockchain could radically transform philanthropy and the way we think about the structure of charitable organisations.
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    CAF UK Giving 2017

    CAF UK Giving is the definitive account of how people in the UK support good causes. It looks at individual donations and gives an insight into who gives to charity, what causes they support and how they like to support them.
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    When size matters

    This report, produced by CAF Russia, explores the phenomenon of community foundations in small towns and rural areas of Russia known collectively as ‘rural funds‘.