To support Small Charity Week (18-23 June), we conducted research on public perceptions of small charities and the work they do. A nationally representative sample of people were asked a series of questions in order to measure levels of public awareness and their perceived impact.

Key findings

  • Whilst awareness of individual small charities is low – 64% of people said they weren’t sure or couldn’t name any small charities – more than one in ten people in the UK (12%) say a friend or family member has used the services of a small charity.

  • Nearly two thirds of people (63%) think small charities have had a positive impact on their local community and a quarter (24%) say that this impact has been ‘very positive’.

  • Most (63%) report having done something for a small charity in the past (donating money, giving goods, sponsoring someone, volunteering or helping to fundraise) and a willingness to help out in the future is high, especially through giving goods (64%), donating money (58%) and sponsoring someone (49%).

  • Whilst young people are less likely to say that have donated money to a small charity in the past, they are particularly open to the possibility of volunteering for one in the future – 37% of 16-34 year olds saying they are likely to do so.