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About CAF Scotland Giving

CAF Scotland Giving is the first study of its kind looking at how people give in Scotland; the causes they support and how they engage with charitable activities. 

Following the success of Scotland Giving 2017, we've produced CAF Scotland Giving for a second year. Now with a larger sample size to report on, this year's report lets you see how giving trends across Scotland compare with the UK in greater detail than ever before.

Key findings from 2018

CAF Scotland Giving has seen a number of giving trends emerge since the report was first launched in 2017. Below are just a few of the key findings from the 2018 report:

£1.2 billion was donated by individuals in Scotland in 2017 - statistic in a bubble
This was up from £813 million in 2016, accounting for 11.8% of the UK total, with Scotland punching above its weight relative to its population size.
Around two thirds of Scottish people took part in a charitable or social action - statistic inside a bubble
Social action through signing petitions and taking part in demonstrations remained high in 2017,
suggesting increased engagement has become a trend.
The top 3 causes donated to in Scotland remain the same as 2016 - statistic inside a bubble
Children and young people, medical research and animal welfare remain the top three causes donated to in Scotland.

Overview on how people give

On the whole, the ranking in methods used to give to charity in the previous 12 months has more or less remained the same between 2016 and 2017. Cash remains the most common way of giving to charity.

Overview of how people in Scotland donated in 2017 compared to 2016

The Year of young people 

2018 is the Year of Young People in Scotland, which recognises the positive impact young people have made - and continue to make - in Scotland.

To celebrate the contributions of young people, our CAF Scotland Giving report dedicates a section to the trends in charitable and social activity amongst 16-26 year olds.  

From our research sample, we find that:

  • 24% of those most likely to volunteer their time are young people
  • The number of young people buying ethical products has increased
  • Signing a petition is the most popular social action amongst young people

Download our 'Year of Young People' infographic
Year of Young People infographic

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