Understanding giving in Wales

We are delighted to launch our first dedicated report into charitable giving in Wales.

Wales Giving includes some bright spots. We found that Welsh people are more willing to respond to seasonal charity appeals than the UK as a whole. And there is a robust level of participation in charitable or social activities undertaken by the Welsh.

But the report also identifies some trouble spots. Such as a lower rate of people claiming the Gift Aid credit in Wales than elsewhere and overall smaller amounts being given, most likely reflecting lower average earnings.

Our hope here at CAF is that this information will help raise public awareness of some of the challenges facing charities and also assist charities by identifying areas where they might be able to direct resources in order to raise even more for good causes.

Read the full report online

Rhoi Cymru CAF 2019

CAF Wales Giving 2019 is also available to read online in the Welsh language. Thank you to Comisiynydd y Gymraeg, the Welsh Language Commission’s office, for their support in making this possible.

Darllenwch yr adroddiad

Key findings from Wales Giving 2019

Overall amount donated

An estimated £454 million was donated to charity by those living in Wales in 2018 – accounting for 4.5% of the UK total of £10.1 billion.

Gift Aid

Those claiming Gift Aid on their donations in Wales is lower than the UK as a whole (47% vs 51%).

Top three causes

The top three causes that people chose to support in 2018 were medical research, animal welfare and children or young people.


One in six people in Wales have volunteered in the last year, with the level of volunteering being higher amongst students.

Overall participation

67% of individuals in Wales say they have participated in a charitable or social activity in the last four weeks, higher than the UK average of 64%.

Individual giving

Three fifths of people in Wales donated money to charity within the last year, with November being a peak month due to a number of major national charity events, and higher in Wales than the UK as a whole (48% vs 39%).

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