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introducing CAF's international research

Our international research offers unique, independent insight into global generosity and is free to read and download.  We work with our Global Alliance network of offices and partners to study and understand donor behaviour and the challenges facing civil society across the world. 

The annual CAF World Giving Index report explores how different countries encourage giving to charity, volunteering time and their attitudes to helping a stranger. Our Country Focus reports reveal giving facts and trends from Brazil, Canada, India, Russia, Africa and the USA. Our Beyond Integrity report examines how some companies are going above and beyond their traditional role to protect civic space.

CAF World Giving Index

Over the past decade we’ve analysed charitable behaviour around the globe in a study which has surveyed more than 1.3 million people to find out how they give. The CAF World Giving Index looks at three aspects of giving behaviour: helping a stranger, donating money to charity and volunteering time.   

Our 2019 CAF World Giving Index 10th Edition goes further, exploring longer term trends over the 10 years including:

  • 10 highest scoring countries
  • 10 lowest scoring countries
  • the biggest risers and fallers over that time  

Discover the CAF World Giving Index

world giving index 10th anniversary cover

country focus reports

Working with the CAF Global Alliance we're taking our World Giving Index research further and exploring giving facts and trends in detail from Australia, Brazil, Russia, the USA, Canada, India and a growing number of African countries.
Map of australia

Australia Giving 2019

Our research reveals the key facts and trends of charitable giving in Australia.

Discover giving in Australia
Brazil Giving 2019

Brazil Giving 2019

Our research reveals the key facts and trends of charitable giving in Brazil.

Discover giving in Brazil
Image of Bulgaria

Bulgaria Giving 2019

Our research reveals the key facts and trends in charitable giving in Bulgaria.

Read about giving in Bulgaria
Image of Canada

Canada Giving 2019

Our research reveals the key facts and trends in charitable giving in Canada.

Read about giving in Canada
CAF Ireland Giving 2020 IRH

CAF Ireland Giving 2020

Our report explores in depth the different ways in which people in Ireland give, and what they give to.

Find out more
Image of India

India Giving 2019

Our unique research provides a robust and insightful view of the current giving landscape.

Read more on India Giving
growing giving in kenya uganda and tanzania image header

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania Giving 2020

Our research into giving cultures across three African countries reveals the obstacles and opportunities for growing charitable giving.

Read about giving in East Africa
CAF Kenya Giving 2020 irh

Growing Giving in Kenya 2020

CAF's in depth report into Kenya's rich giving culture identifies both the opportunities and roadblocks to growing individual charitable giving in the region.

Read our research
Russia image

Russia Giving 2019

Our research reveals the key facts and trends in charitable giving in Russia.

Read about giving in Russia
CAF report growing giving in South Africa 2020 380 220

Growing Giving in South Africa 2020

Our research into individual giving and civil society sustainability in South Africa goes further, to identify the roadblocks and the opportunities for growing giving.

Read about giving in South Africa
UK Giving

CAF UK Giving 2019

The number of people in the UK regularly giving to charity has declined for the third year in a row, according to our UK Giving report. Understand why in our latest report.

Read the report
Picture of USA

USA Giving 2019

Our research reveals the key facts and trends in charitable giving in the US.

Read more about giving in the USA.

Beyond Integrity

Exploring the role of business in preserving civil society around the world

The Beyond Integrity report was produced by CAF in collaboration with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and examines how some companies are going above and beyond their traditional role to protect civic space.

Insights include:

  • Privately held dialogues between key stakeholders and host governments can be as effective as public challenge.
  • Leveraging formal and informal networks is key in convincing corporations to act on behalf of civil society.
  • Firms in consumer-facing industries are responsive to large-scale social movements.
Our case studies from Pakistan, Thailand, Cambodia and Angola reveal how companies are speaking up and taking a lead in protecting civil society.  Explore the Beyond Integrity report.


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