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introducing CAF's UK research

As an independent charitable foundation, CAF is uniquely placed to understand the charity sector.  Our UK research provides charities, government, individuals and companies with insight and knowledge into giving trends across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Our annual UK Giving report is the largest study of individual giving behaviour in the UK. UK Giving is augmented by monthly insights published as infographics, focussing on topics such as; trust and charity, placed based giving and contactless donations.  The Charity Street series uncovers the vital role charity plays in everyone's lives.  Our FTSE 100 giving reports analyse charitable giving trends among the country's top corporations.

All of our research and insight is free and we are happy to discuss our findings.  Subscribe and be the first to hear about our latest research.  If you have any questions, please contact the Research team.

CAF's charity landscape report 2019

Each year we survey leaders to understand the challenges they face, and to assess the impact these challenges have on the sector's ability to meet the needs of its beneficiaries.

This year's survey reveals a complex mixture of hope, fear and resilience; against an ongoing backdrop of uncertainty and change. Out findings include:

  • 63% of UK charities believe that Brexit will have a negative impact on their work
  • 23% of charity leaders said that the EU withdrawal process had already had an impact with 33% of those reporting issues with recruitment and retention of staff and 19% a loss of EU funding or projects
  • 37% believe there will be a decrease in donations as a result of EU withdrawal
Read the full findings online
Charity Landscape infographic

Print friendly version of the findings (best printed A3 duplex)

UK Giving

For more than ten years our annual UK Giving research has provided a comprehensive insight into donor behaviour, discussed the impact of key issues affecting charities and given insight into how donors and charities are responding to significant UK events. 
Which, if any, of the following have you done in the last year/four weeks?

Key findings from UK Giving 2018 include:

  • Donations to charity rose from £9.7 billion to £10.3 billion during 2017
  • Fewer people gave, but those that do give are giving more
  • Men are less charitable than women
  • Older people continue to give the most
  • 2017 saw a surge in the amount given by younger millennials
  • Medical research remains the most popular cause
  • Cash remains the main way in which people give to charity
  • Trust in charities is stable
We also publish monthly insights on current issues facing charities.

Visit the UK Giving hub

charity street UK

Charities play a vital role in our national life - but are we fully aware of how much good they do? Our regular reports reveal how different age groups, areas and households use and value charities in the UK today.


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Charity Street I

Read how charities played a vital role in our national life in 2014.

Visit our first Charity Street report
unsplash mother child street union jack flag 380 220


Discover giving at a local level with Charity Street II

Published in 2016, Charity Street II explores how the UK public uses charitable services.

Read our insights
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Who is using charity? Find out in Charity Street III

We track the use of charitable services by households and individuals in 2018.

Visit Charity Street III

Trends in corporate giving

We reveal charitable giving trends among FTSE 100 companies and highlight the most generous industry. For the first time our 2018 research compares the British public’s perception of corporate giving by FTSE 100 companies, with the facts.


Corporate giving by the FTSE 100, 2007-2014

The FTSE 100 gave £2.5bn to good causes in 2012, a £1.2bn rise since 2007 – despite the economic downturn.

Read the report

Corporate giving by the FTSE 100, 2009-2014

Our analysis shows Britain’s biggest companies have largely protected their charitable giving in the face of falling revenues.

Read our corporate giving report
City of London panorama CAF

Corporate giving 2018 by the FTSE 100

Our findings reveal the recent charitable giving trends amongst FTSE 100 companies and highlight the most generous industry.

Find out about corporate giving in the UK

Focus on: giving in scotland

Our latest reports on Scotland Giving and Charity Street Scotland provide a unique insight into Scottish generosity.


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Charity Street Scotland

In 2018, for the first time, we have been able to chart the use of charities by millions of Scottish people.

Read about generosity in Scotland
Scotland giving 580 260

Scotland Giving 2018

Our latest study provides key insights into the charitable landscape in Scotland and how these trends in giving have changed over the past two years

Read the report

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