Manage your CAF account online

If you already have a CAF account and you want to manage it online, register for access using the links below:

Create a login

If you don't have an account with us you can still create a website login that gives you access to some great features. You can view the donations you have made, set up a favourite charities list, and if you decide to apply for a CAF account, the application process is much quicker, as we already have your details.

Promote your charity with CAF Donate

CAF Donate is a simple way for your charity to promote its online presence to the many potential donors who browse our website looking for causes to support.

Once your application for a CAF Charity Dashboard has been approved you can upgrade to the full CAF Donate service and get access to other great fundraising services, such as campaign management.

Don't forget you can also add additional administrators at any time; simply complete the application form and follow the approval process.