We want you to get the most from every donation – no matter how large or small.

CAF Donate helps relieve the burden of admin by automatically checking which donations are eligible, submitting a claim to HMRC, reconciling the money that comes back and settling to your bank account – all without you breaking a sweat. You simply need to appoint us as a partner with HMRC by completing a CHV1 form.

Don’t worry if you still want to take care of your own Gift Aid – we’ll still give you a report of all the eligible donations for you to generate your own claims.

We’ll only make claims on the donations we process for you so you will still need to submit claims for donations made through other sources. 


CAF Donate, process offline donations

Process offline donations

In addition to online donations, with CAF Donate you can collect and process offline donations made via the phone or by post.

Find out more about processing offline donations
CAF in-depth reports and insights

Reports and insights

You’ll have access to in-depth reports about your campaigns, donors and donations. You can easily download this information and upload it to your own CRM system.

CAF Donate collect donations online

Collect donations online

You can quickly set up online donation pages or ‘Donate now’ buttons for your fundraising campaigns and add them to your charity’s website, Facebook page, or emails.

Find out more about setting up donation pages
CAF accept direct debit donations

Accept Direct Debits

It's easy to accept Direct Debits so you can turn one-off donations into regular income.

Find out more about accepting Direct Debits
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