the different types of reports

We want you to have the best information possible on all your donors and our reports are a great way to find new insight. The main reports you'll find on your CAF Donate account are your CAF Payment reports and CAF Donate donations data

CAF Payment reports

Whenever we send money to your bank accounts, we'll create a report showing how much we have sent and how that amount is made up.

This report is a comprehensive one, showing all the payments we've sent you in one place.

These include donations made through:

  • CAF Vouchers
  • CAF CharityCards
  • CAF Give As You Earn
  • Matched Giving
  • CAF Charitable Trust
  • CAF Donate
  • The comprehensive donor details provides you with all the data you need to reconcile your payments and understand your donors, with a new date range selector allowing you to download several months of data in CSV format and transfer into your own internal database.

CAF Donate fundraising report 

CAF Donate allows you to build fundraising reports to so you can track the performance of your campaigns, find out about your regular givers and check on the status of your Gift Aid claims.

By entering the date range of information you'd like to see, you can access data about:

  • the campaign
  • payment type
  • channel (e.g. online, mobile, Facebook)
  • donor details (if the donor hasn’t chosen to remain anonymous) so that you can say thank you.

Unlike the Payment Reports, the CAF Donate fundraising report shows you information only about those donations processed through CAF Donate.

This report captures all information about your CAF Donate donations data, including funds that will be coming into your account in a few days time. So if you want to see actual transfers to your bank account, you should download your Payment Report.

How to download CAF Payment reports

1  Get started

Log into your CAF Donate account on the CAF website and select ‘Payment reports’ on the right hand side of the account homepage. 
Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

2  Choose what data you want to see 

Using the report wizard, you can choose to see information from donations paid directly by CAF, or donations that came through Payroll giving, 

Choose if you'd like to see a single, comprehensive report or separate ones for each payment, then select which date range you'd like to see the donations from. 

3  Download your Payment report

Once you've selected the information you want to see, you can view the report by selecting the 'Search now' button, and then export the data in a CSV format. 

Top tip

You can see up to 18 months worth of historical data, and download the data in 3 month periods.

So be sure to regularly download your Payment reports to keep on top of your donation administration.

Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

How to download CAF Donate fundraising reports

1  Get started

Log into your CAF Donate account on the CAF website and select ‘CAF Donate donations data’ on the right hand side of the account homepage. 
Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

2  Create your custom report

Under the report configuration tab, choose what information you'd like to include in your report. 

This allows you to: 

  • include one or many payment types, such as donations made via Direct Debits, PayPal, card etc.
  • select a custom date range you'd like to see information from
  • filter it by the status of the donation, i.e. pending, paid or reversed
  • choose which campaigns you'd like to see results from
  • select the source or channel the donation was made through
  • check the Gift Aid status of these donations

3  Download your fundraising report

Once you've selected the information you want to see, you can export the data in a CSV format to analyse or enter into your own CRM systems. 

Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

More reporting help

  • How do I print out my payment report?
    If you search by ‘separate reports for each payment we make’ you will find a ‘Summary statement’ that you can easily save and print out.

    If you want to print your donor details, you can download a CSV file with your ‘donation details’. If you save the file as an Excel file instead of a CSV file, you can also change the size of the column widths, highlight the table headings and set a print area so that your excel spreadsheet prints accurately.

    These files contain lots of data columns as we have tried to provide you with data that your charity should need. If you do not require these columns, you can simply delete the ones that you do not require.
  • Can we contact donors after they’ve donated to us?
    You can access details about your donors, where permission has been agreed. We provide a CSV file which makes it easy to upload this information into your customer relationship management tool.
  • Why don’t my macros/pivot tables/database queries work?
    We haven’t changed the data field names or column positions in your reports so you shouldn’t experience any issues with your current reporting.

    However, if you choose to download data for a ‘date range’, we have added 6 new fields to the end of the report so that you can distinguish between payments. This includes the date the payment was made from CAF and the remittance reference number. 

    This will only impact your reporting if you are only using a certain number of columns. If this is the case, we suggest that you delete the last 6 columns in the report or use ‘separate reports for each payment we make’.
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