1  Get started

Log into your CAF Donate account on the CAF website.

On the right hand side of your account homepage, select either ‘Upload your CAF Vouchers’ or 'Upload your CAF CharityCards' - depending on which type of donation you want to process.
Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

2  Download and complete the template 

There are two files available to download. The 'How to complete your template' file shows you what information you need to enter in the template, and in what format. 

Complete the main template as demonstrated in the 'How to complete your template' file.

The file allows up to 50 rows (including headings) to allow you to upload multiple donations at one time.
Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

If you've already set up your campaign, you can assign a campaign code to your donations in the template.
This code will be reflected in your reporting. 

Data you'll need for your templates

This is an example of a CAF Charity Voucher which shows what information you need to enter in your Excel template.
Example of a CAF Charity Voucher
Example of a CAF CharityCard

This is an example of a CAF CharityCard which shows you what information you need to enter in your Excel template.

3  Upload your completed template 

Save your Excel template as a CSV file.

To do this, select the drop down ‘Save As’ Type, select ‘CSV Comma Delimited (.csv)’ and save the file.
Make sure the file name is no greater than 50 characters.

Upload your file using the ‘Choose file’ and ‘Browse’ option, then click on ‘Submit’.


If you select the wrong file before submitting, you can simply change it by clicking on ‘Browse’ again and choosing a new file - this will overwrite the previous file. 

This might take a couple of minutes to upload, so please do not refresh the page as this will resubmit the file.

Screenshot of CAF Donate account area
Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

Your upload is now complete

You will see the file appear in your upload history and the status column will show ‘Submitted’. 

Once your CAF Charity Voucher or CAF CharityCard donations are successfully processed, the status will change to ‘ProcessedNoErrors’. 

What if I see an error message?

If the file status shows as ‘ProcessedWithErrors’, you'll receive a notification from us informing you of it.

1  Log into your CAF Donate account

Go to the CAF Charity Voucher or CAF CharityCards section on the right hand corner.  If you are already logged into CAF Donate, simply refresh the page. 

2  Correct the errors

Click on the ‘view’ button in the ‘Upload history’ table - this will open a new spreadsheet containing only the unsuccessful lines. 

The errors will be displayed in the first column of the spreadsheet with a description of the data that has failed.

Correct the errors then delete the column containing the error description.

3 Upload the corrected file

Save the file once again in a CSV format but with a different file name you haven't used before. This mustn't exceed 50 characters.

Upload the new file to CAF Donate at the place where you first began. 

Screenshot of CAF Donate account area


It might take up to 24 hours for the ‘view’ button to appear.

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Process CAF Vouchers and CharityCards

Sign into your CAF Donate account to process your CAF Voucher and CharityCards donations today.

Log into CAF Donate

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CAF Voucher and CharityCard reports

Download your reports to see a breakdown of all the CAF Voucher and CharityCard donations you've uploaded to be processed.

Get started with your donation reports
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Reports glossary

Understand what we mean by the terms found in your CAF Donate reports with our glossary.

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Design your campaign pages

Setting up your campaign page is the first step to accepting donations through CAF Donate. Follow our step by step guide to set up your campaign page.

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