CAF Donate reports glossary

Just in case you're a little unsure about what we mean, we've put together a glossary of terms you may come across in your CAF Donate reports.

  • Campaign code
    A campaign or fund code is a unique reference number you can allocate when setting up each of your campaigns on CAF Donate. This helps you distinguish between them for reporting and self processing purposes, and isn't visible on any embedded donation pages.
  • Direct giving data
    Direct giving donations come straight from individual givers or company donors through one of our CAF donation products or via our website. This includes donations via a CAF Charity Account including vouchers and cards, CAF Donate or through a CAF Charitable Trust or CAF Company Account.

    They can also include employer matching for certain donations or activities including employee fundraising or volunteering events. Matching can be for more or less than the original donation.

    We disburse daily for direct giving, so you should log in to CAF Charity Dashboard regularly to check which advices are available. You should see these donations in your online reporting in one working day and they should be in your bank account within 3-5 working days via BACs.

  • Payroll giving data
    Payroll giving (or CAF Give As You Earn) are donations that come direct from employee salaries.

    A company can choose to match payroll donations at the time the donation was made or they can choose to match them over a period of time. If a company matches a Give As You Earn donation immediately, you can view it alongside the payroll donation in ‘Employer Matched Giving’.

    If a company matches over a period of time, it will come through as a separate row from the payroll donation, but it will still appear in the same column as mentioned above. Company matching can be more or less than the original donations.

    We disburse these payments on or shortly after the 22nd of each month. You should see these donations in your bank account within 3-5 working days of us sending it through via BACs.

    Reporting is made available on or shortly before the 28th of each month and will cover these and any other ad-hoc payments made in that month.
  • Card donation
    A one-off donation made by credit or debit card.
  • Direct Debit donation
    An instalment in a regular commitment to you by direct debit.
  • Standing order donation
    A donation made to you by bank standing order.  
  • PayPal donation
    A one-off donation made by PayPal.
  • Gift Aid
    Gift Aid which has been claimed in addition to donations passed to you – CAF Donate customers only.
  • Direct Debit admin charge
    This charge relates to the set up of a new or amendment to an existing direct debit donation.
  • Gift Aid charge
    A charge may be applicable for claiming Gift Aid on your donation. Please see our fee schedule for details of the charges.
  • Donation Reversals
    Debits from your account due to a donation being reversed.
  • CAF Give As You Earn
    A CAF scheme where employees give to charity on a regular basis through their payroll. These donations are taken from a persons’ pre-tax salary, which could have otherwise gone to HMRC.
  • Matched giving
    Through the CAF scheme (CAF Give As You Earn), employers can match their employees’ donations to charity at the time the donation is made.
  • CAF Charitable Trust

    A CAF Charitable Trust is tax-effective and easy to set up, giving donors flexibility to donate to the causes that matter to them.

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