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Andy and Lucy from Wheelyboat Trust

The Wheelyboat Trust put digital fundraising plans in place

The Wheelyboat Trust is a small charity that achieves great things. They wanted to diversify their income by raising more funds from individuals online. Read about what they did.
Fundraising Fundamentals

Fundraising Fundamentals

From understanding donors to planning an omnichannel approach, our four-part guide will help you put the foundations in place for an effective fundraising strategy.
Woman with a woolly, facing the rising sun with her hands up in the air, on a snowy morning in the woodlands

Financing your future goals

Borrowing is one way of kick starting capital projects, to help achieve your charity's future goals. Download our free guide to explore the potential benefits of repayable finance.

Small charities: a guide to attracting corporate partners

James Moon in our Advisory team shares a few tips to help smaller charities attract corporate partners.
Social media

How your small charity can punch above its weight on Instagram

Hannah Iqbal, our social media manager, shares tips for small charities on how to use Instagram to engage supporters and donors.

Raise funds online with CAF Donate

Too often we're told that smaller charities don't have the skills or the time to effectively raise funds online. That's why we created CAF Donate

It's an out-of-the-box online donation platform that can help your charity grow its income. Simple to usesafe and secure, and no sign up or monthly fees.

Learn why CAF Donate is perfect for small charities

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