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An introduction to the CAF Charity Deposit Platform

Watch an interactive demonstration of the CAF Charity Deposit Platform, explaining how your charity could get the most from your charity reserves.
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Running your charity series: Working with your bank

As a specialist bank for charities, CAF Bank aims to support your organisation in managing its funding. Join us as we talk about account security, choosing the right services and getting the best out of your bank.
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Making Green Loans relevant for your organisation

CAF Research shows that 40% of charities already have a plan to improve their sustainability. For those looking to fund improvements or purchases through a bank loan, a CAF Bank Green loan can support both these objectives.
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Running your charity series: Diversifying Income

This webinar pulls together insight from within CAF and other experts in the field, to give an introduction to why diversification of income is so important.
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Running your charity series: Is risk management just common sense?

Join us as we talk with expert colleagues about managing risk and insurance in support of charitable objectives.

On-demand webinars

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IFSL CAF ESG Funds 2023 Performance and 2024 Outlook

Hear more from investment manager, LGT Wealth Management UK, about the IFSL CAF ESG Fund 2023 performance and the developing investment environment in 2024.
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Business planning – the lenders view

As we navigate a greater level of uncertainty, Richard Hunt, Director of Customer and Lending at CAF Bank, and Ian Mansfield, Head of Credit Risk at CAF Bank will provide an insight into the importance of business planning and areas to consider.
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Strategies for Deploying Charity Reserves

Keeping money aside as reserves is key to protecting against the unexpected or taking advantage of new opportunities for your organisation.

Considerations for ESG investing

With Ethical, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations being evermore in the spotlight hear the journey CAF took in amending its product offering to reflect ESG and customer demand.
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Butler-Sloss | Charity investing one year on

In collaboration with abrdn and Bates Wells we discuss new investment guidance expected as a result of the Butler-Sloss case in 2022.
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Webinar: Facebook tips for small and medium sized charities

Watch our on-demand webinar for tips on how your charity can use Facebook or social media to raise awareness, get donations and engage your audiences.
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How your small charity can punch above its weight on Instagram

Hannah Iqbal, our social media manager, shares tips for small charities on how to use Instagram to engage supporters and donors.
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Learn to build long-term relationships with your donors

In this on demand webinar acclaimed fundraiser Ken Burnett shares his advice on how to bulid long-term relationships with your donors.

How email can drive your charity's fundraising

In this on demand webinar digital expert Matt Collins will show you how charities are transforming their communications through email marketing, and how your charity can get the most from it.