On-demand webinars

Charity worker

Surviving and recovering from Covid-19 for charities

We look at how charities can balance their current response to the crisis with longer-term recovery strategies. This webinar took place on 14 May 2020.

Webinar on how charities and donors are reacting to coronavirus

Watch our recent webinar and learn about the impact of COVID-19 among donors and charities.
Facebook image

Webinar: Facebook tips for small and medium sized charities

Watch our on-demand webinar for tips on how your charity can use Facebook or social media to raise awareness, get donations and engage your audiences.
Social media

How your small charity can punch above its weight on Instagram

Hannah Iqbal, our social media manager, shares tips for small charities on how to use Instagram to engage supporters and donors.
ken burnett

Learn to build long-term relationships with your donors

In this on demand webinar acclaimed fundraiser Ken Burnett shares his advice on how to bulid long-term relationships with your donors.

How email can drive your charity's fundraising

In this on demand webinar digital expert Matt Collins will show you how charities are transforming their communications through email marketing, and how your charity can get the most from it.