Financing the Future: Everything you need to know about repayable finance

Download our free guide on why you should
consider a repayable loan

Why should you consider repayable finance? Simply because it's one of the ways of moving forwards and achieving your charity’s goals. If you need to purchase a property or you are moving into a new market to build a sustainable income stream, a loan could open the door. It's suitable for financing ongoing projects - and could allow you to do far more than fundraising alone ever could.

CAF has produced this comprehensive guide to lending called Financing the Future. This is in response to research, which found that 61%* of charities planning to borrow money in the next five years wanted guidance.

Our free guide sets out how charities and organisations just like yours could benefit from accessing repayable finance.

  • Find out how lending could help you to reach your future goals more quickly.
  • Learn how to produce the best business plan to make your case.
  • Discover what potential lenders look for.

If you're responsible for charity finance, as a Director, CEO, Finance Director, Manager or Trustee of a charity, we think you'll find this guide invaluable.


Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) In Demand: The Changing Need for Repayable Finance in the Charity Sector (2014)

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