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Insights from corporate responsibility practitioners on creating a more responsible business.

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Embedding corporate purpose

The need for greater sustainability in business has never been so important. This new report highlights what companies are doing now and what more they can do.

As governments and consumers grow increasingly concerned by the threat of rising global temperatures, water shortages and other environmental concerns, so firms need to act.

This unique report is a significant step towards helping firms by sharing the views and concerns of corporate responsibility (CR) practitioners at major firms across the UK. It’s a rare opportunity to hear exactly what companies are doing, rather than just what they say they’re doing, from people on the ground.

Scroll down for some of the insights from the research and download the report to read them in full.

Corporate responsibility needs to be at the heart of company thinking

If firms are to make a strong commitment to sustainability and other ethical concerns, corporate responsibility has to be a key factor in strategic decisions and infused into everyday practice. 

But the barrier to corporate responsibility becoming an integral part of the way companies plan and operate is that they are not linking it to business performance.

Only 16% of companies, according to practitioners, see CR as playing a role in improving financial performance such as cost savings. Just 26% cite customer loyalty and a tiny 4% point to increasing staff productivity.

Reasons for corporate responsibility

Reasons for corporate responsibility

Better assessment of corporate responsibility activity is needed

If firms want to fully understand and appreciate the effect their corporate responsibility strategy is having on their culture and the wider world, they need to appraise it more comprehensively.

39% of the corporate responsibility practitioners surveyed look at long-term or outcomes-based measurements and just one in seven (14%) say they do a full-impact valuation across business activities. Meanwhile, 22% agree that their firm has no standard approach to assessing activity impact.

CR impact assessment

Take a deeper dive into the research findings

Download the report to find out more on how CR is linked to leadership, what activities are most supported and what's most top of mind for practitioners...

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corporate responsibility practitioners need more backing 

Nine in ten (88%) corporate responsibility practitioners believe they are supported to some extent by their companies' leadership teams.

But in many cases, there are serious constraints impeding their ability to succeed, such as lack of resource and investment.

Top three barriers to corporate responsibility

Top 3 barriers to corporate responsibility

Companies need to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In less than ten years’ time, countries around the world will have been expected to meet the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These 17 ambitious targets include ending extreme poverty, achieving far greater gender equality, using much more green energy and making our cities more environmentally friendly.

Companies have a crucial, positive role to play in achieving the goals, but our survey suggests they need to shift gear and ramp up both commitment and action. Find out what companies think by downloading the report.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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There's more insight and recommendations in the full report which you can download now

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