Embedding corporate purpose

The need for greater sustainability in business has never been so important. We dig into what companies are doing now and what more they can do.

As governments and consumers grow increasingly concerned by the threat of rising global temperatures, water shortages and other environmental concerns, so firms need to act.

This report shares the views and concerns of corporate responsibility practitioners at major firms across the UK. It’s a rare opportunity to hear exactly what companies are doing, rather than just what they say they’re doing, from people on the ground.

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Corporate responsibility needs to be at the heart of company thinking

Reasons for corporate responsibility

companies’ purpose and culture

enhanced company reputation

improved recruitment and retention

improved customer loyalty

improved financial performance

increased productivity

Corporate responsibility has to be a key factor in strategic decisions and embedded into everyday practice. But a lack of connection between corporate responsibility and business performance is becoming a barrier.

Only 16% of companies see corporate responsibility as playing a role in improving financial performance such as cost savings. Just 26% cite customer loyalty and a tiny 4% point to increasing staff productivity.