A gift or investment?

How socially-conscious investors are balancing approaches to philanthropy.

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The Future of Philanthropy series

Browse our reports to keep up-to-date with emerging developments within the philanthropy field. The four-part series explores how the young and wealthy will shape the future of giving, and includes interviews with our clients and managers.

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A series exploring the future for philanthropy

Today’s philanthropists are forging exciting new paths to lasting impact in the future. 

Our Future of Philanthropy series explores the role that young, wealthy individuals could play in shaping a bright future for giving. The series will focus on some of the elements playing a major role in the why, where and how of the future of philanthropy. 
In 'Catalysts for change', the latest report in the series, we explore:

  • philanthropy in a smaller, more connected world: how are today’s philanthropists thinking strategically to tackle the world’s problems?
  • the spectrum of giving from grants to investments - and everything in-between: could venture philanthropy, social investment and impact investing be the key to unlocking the world’s capital for good causes?
  • the socially-minded next generation: how are corporate values being redefined as the younger generation apply social values to their business thinking? 

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The Future Stars of Philanthropy

You can still download a copy of our first paper - 'The Future Stars of Philanthropy' - which looks at how young people are using their networks to focus on more innovative ways of giving.

Catalyst for change

Find out how a new generation of philanthropists is transforming charitable giving.

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Are you a future star of philanthropy?

The first in our new research series shows how young, wealthy individuals are applying fresh thinking to changing the world.

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