Paul Fry is a CAF Private Client who has had a CAF Charitable Trust for over 16 years. Along with Paul’s regular giving, he was keen to explore the challenges that face the charitable sector. Paul’s desire was to focus on supporting small to medium sized charities in the UK. The turbulent economic climate and cuts in government spending have increased the pressure on small and medium sized charities as they respond to an ever-increasing demand for their services. Paul was a pioneer in addressing this need with CAF and helped to launch CAF Resilience, a new pilot “grants-plus” programme to build capacity in smaller UK charities. 

Paul’s donation from his CAF Charitable Trust helped kick-start this exciting initiative. He liked the potential the programme has to make a difference to both the charities selected on the pilot and to the wider charitable sector.


  • New three year pilot initiative to enable donations from private clients [through their CAF Charitable Trust or CAF American Donor Fund] to make a sustained and meaningful impact on small and medium sized charities in the UK.
  • We're identifying charities that are great at what they do, but need support to ensure they are able to continue to deliver vital services to their communities for years to come.
  • Up to ten charitable organisations whose work has an 'early action' (problem prevention) focus will receive financial and professional support for up to two years.

The impact of my donation is having the opportunity to understand what makes charities more resilient, to gain significant learnings in order to help smaller charities in the future and to improve the longer term CAF Resilience programme.

Paul Fry CAF Charitable Trust client
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