CAF Charity Account

All your giving in one place,
simple, smart and stress-free.

The CAF Charity Account gives you complete control over how and when you choose to support the causes you care about. It’s quick and easy to set yourself up online, puts you in charge of who has your personal details and gives you a smart and tax-effective way to manage all your charitable giving.


  • Instant access to charitable funds to support emergency appeals or sponsor friends, family and colleagues.
  • Complete just one Gift Aid Declaration form and we'll automatically add 25p to every £1 you give.


  • Easy online sign up
  • Log into your CAF Charity Account at any time to check your balance, top-up your account or make a donation.
  • Flexible funding and donation options, including the ability to make regular payments to your favourite causes.


  • Be sure that your money makes a real difference. Donations from your account will only be paid to organisations established for charitable purposes.
  • Take control of who has access to your personal information by opting to donate anonymously.

CAF Charity Account- Your giving. Your way.

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Gift Aid

Make your donation go even further with Gift Aid: we can reclaim an extra 25p for every £1 tax you’ve donated

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You can open your very own CAF Charity Account with as little as £10 a month.

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CAF Charity Account

The CAF Charity Account can make more of your regular giving.

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