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Read the latest articles from our in-house experts on the topics that affect the charity sector.

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The Think Tank for Doing Good

Giving Thought is our think tank. It’s where we discuss the key challenges facing civil society globally, explore how and why people give, and test radical new ideas that could shape the future of charity.

Our debates include charities and trust, artificial intelligence and new technologies, advocacy, rights and the science of giving.

Read our insight, listen to our podcasts, and join us work towards a better future.
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Multiplying social impact for charities

Since 2002, we are one of the most active providers of impact-focused social investment in the UK.

Our blog features our views, opinion and news on CAF Venturesome’s activity and on the Social Investment sector as a whole.

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Shining the spotlight on charities

Keep up-to-date with our views on the latest charity sector developments and get our take on what’s happening in the world of government and politics.

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Insight to help charities succeed

Our charities blog is a hub for finance, governance, funding, and fundraising insight to help your charity reach its goals.
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latest blog posts

  • 27 March 2020 

    Some positive stories from the CAF Venturesome portfolio

    We are talking to all our investees at this difficult time but we have had some really positive stories coming out of the conversations that show just how creative and resilient social enterprises and charities can be.

  • 23 March 2020 

    COVID-19 update: A message from CAF Bank's CEO

    Alison Taylor, CEO of CAF Bank, provides an update on the Bank's priorities during the coronavirus outbreak, to protect staff, maintain services to customers and make guidance and support available for the charity sector.
  • 18 March 2020 

    What can donors do about the pandemic?

    Charities are on the forefront of tackling the impact of the pandemic and helping people in need, here's how you can help.


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Giving Thought Podcast

Hear the latest insight and debate from our think-tank, with guests from the world of philanthropy.

When should charities say no to donations?

The question of how to treat donations from potentially dubious sources is far from new, so what should charities do?