Philanthropy and the welfare state

18 November 2018

We explore the relationship between philanthropy and the notion of a Welfare State. We look at the role philanthropy played in the origins of state welfare, what economics and other sciences can tell us about the relationship between the two, and how we should view the role of philanthropy in relation to the state today. Including:
  • The history of the back-and-forth relationship between philanthropy and state in the UK
  • Why did some think the birth of the Welfare State should have spelt the end for philanthropy?
  • Is there a relationship between the size of the state and levels of giving?
  • Does state welfare provision necessarily "crowd out" philanthropy? Or could it actually "crowd it in"?
  • The importance of charitable campaigning within the welfare state
  • The emergence of outsourcing and public service commissioning
  • Are we now seeing a backlash against public service delivery by charities?


Useful links

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