1  Get started

Log into your CAF Donate account on the CAF website and select ‘CAF Donate donations data’ on the right hand side of the account homepage.
Screenshot of CAF Donate reporting

2  View your reports

Select the 'CAF Vouchers and CharityCards’ tab - this will only display he CAF CharityCard and CAF Vouchers that you have uploaded for CAF to process.

Those that have been processed directly by CAF or entered by a donor online will appear within your standard reports. 

3 Customise your report

You can select the payment type, date range and donation amounts - according to the information you want to pull.

A search can be run against the Batch ID that is assigned when you submit a file; you will find this on your  file Upload history. 

4  Access your report

Your report will show you the status of each donation: 

  • Paid: donation successfully paid and remitted to you.
  • Pending: awaiting authorisation as a query has been raised against the donation such as a duplicate voucher number has been used (this cannot be verified on initial submission).
  • Rejected: the payment has been unsuccessful. You'll need to contact the donor in this instance.
  • Reversed: if a CAF donor queries a CAF CharityCard or CAF Voucher payment a reversal may be necessary.
Screenshot of CAF Donate reporting


Download your reports

Sign into your CAF Donate account to download your custom donation reports

Log into CAF Donate

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