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This resource hub provides you with a range of resources and tools to help you inspire your employees to give through your company's CAF Give As You Earn scheme.


Encouraging employee donations can make a real difference to charities. Setting up a campaign is a great way to promote Payroll Giving through your company's CAF Give As You Earn scheme. We want to support you to make your payroll giving scheme the best it can be. You can:

  • Access a variety of support materials to help you promote your CAF Give As You Earn scheme
  • Contact our corporate client team to get advice on how to grow your scheme 

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New Year, New You

The New Year is a great opportunity to make resolutions. Inspire your employees to make 2018 count by supporting their favourite charities through your Payroll Giving scheme. Our campaign materials can be used to help you support employees with giving for their New Year's resolution.

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Spread the cheer

Employees can spread the festive cheer by giving something back this Christmas. Encouraging and supporting your employees to give at this time of year reflects your commitment to supporting the causes your workforce care about as well as helping those in need.  

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Support good stuff

Show your support for #givingtuesday by encouraging your employees to do good stuff; it can be as simple as donating through CAF Give As You Earn. Our campaign materials will support you in engaging your employees with one of the world's biggest days of charitable giving.

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Because it matters

Many employees can be affected by a disaster's impact. Encouraging and supporting your employees to give when disasters occur reflects your commitment to what matters to your workforce as well as driving support for the disaster at a company level.

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Tax effective giving

Inspire your employees to give to their favourite charities by communicating how tax effective giving creates greater impact. Explain how donations are maximised, and how they cost employees less as they are taken from their pre-tax salary. Use this resource hub to help promote this great employee benefit.

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Make some noise 

To further increase your Payroll Giving Quality Mark (PGQM) next year, use our campaign materials to help grow your scheme and get some well deserved recognition. If you're already achieving Gold or Platinum levels, a new Diamond category to recognise 30% or more employee participation will be available in 2018. 

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Share the love

Share the love

If your company is offering bonuses at tax year end, CAF Give As You Earn is a simple way to help your employees make a one-off donation to charity. Access our campaign materials to help you promote giving during bonus season.

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30 years of Payroll Giving

2017 marks 30 years since we pioneered payroll giving and the 30th anniversary of Payroll Giving is the perfect time to promote your CAF Give As You Earn scheme.
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Inspire your employees with Wendy's Payroll Giving story

You can share any of our Payroll Giving videos to help inspire your employees to give more or sign up to your CAF Give As You Earn scheme. To share the video you can:

  • Share on your internal communications platform by simply copying and pasting the URL:
  • Embed the video on your internal communications platform by copying and pasting this link into your html editor: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  • Request the original video file by contacting us

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