Israel - Gaza crisis

Thousands of people in Gaza and Israel and the wider region are affected by ongoing conflict. The Charities Aid Foundation is facilitating donations to support charities delivering relief to those affected. Click on the link below to find the UK charities who are currently running appeals for humanitarian aid – you can give through CAF by clicking on the links with a special instruction on your donation.
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CAF’s role in responding to international crises

CAF works with private and corporate donors to quickly respond to international crises and emergencies and deliver funds to where they are needed. 

Situations such as famines, natural disasters and conflict often result in a strong response from individuals and organisations wanting to ensure aid such as food, water and medicine are delivered quickly and effectively. 

Our leading verification services enable donations to UK charities supporting groups on the ground who are critical in delivering aid to communities in need and improving community resilience to emergencies and rebuilding civil society after an event. 
We encourage our clients to incorporate long-term humanitarian emergency response into their philanthropic strategy. 

We can also create pooled funds to collaborate on efforts to tackle emergencies such as CAF America’s Corporate Aid for Ukraine Fund (CAU), launched in partnership with AmCham Poland, to help corporations to provide effective, impactful aid to Ukrainians during a time of crisis. 

Supporting our clients to give

Our clients have a range of vehicles available to them that enable them to give to charities and other social impact organisations across the world. Options vary depending on the size and regularity of donations and the donor’s tax jurisdiction. These include:

  • CAF Charity Account (UK taxpayer only): donors can give spontaneously to charities and major fundraising appeals for emergencies. We verify the chosen charity before sending them the donation. For UK taxpayers, donations can include Gift Aid, effectively adding 25% onto the donation.
  • CAF Donor Advised Fund (UK, USA and dual taxpayer options): a flexible, secure and tax-efficient vehicle for managing long-term giving around the globe.
  • CAF Donor Advised Gift (UK, USA and dual taxpayer options): an efficient and tax-effective vehicle for large, one-off gifts, including complex, non-cash assets.

We also have a range of services designed to support corporates in realising greater impact through their giving. We work with clients on corporate giving, employee engagement, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, to benefit their business and broader society.

Our work with the Disasters Emergency Committee 

CAF are a proud partner of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in the UK, which brings together 15 leading aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently at times of crisis overseas. CAF is a member of DEC’s Rapid Response Network and facilitates donations from corporate, private and individual clients, and raising awareness about of their appeals.

We recognise that the impact of climate change is increasing the likelihood of natural disasters. Humanitarian emergencies do not all receive the same media attention and additionally, the DEC has three criteria which must be met before launching an appeal. 

DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

Devastating earthquakes have hit Turkey and Syria killing thousands of people and reducing buildings to rubble. People need help now.

DEC Pakistan Crisis Appeal

Floods are devastating Pakistan. At least 1,100 people have died, and around 30 million are affected.

DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Over 6 million people have fled Ukraine since the conflict began. They now face an uncertain future. Your support will help provide urgent shelter, food, water and health services to families in need.

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