Give large, one-off gifts to charity

The CAF Donor Advised Gift is a giving vehicle designed for one-off large scale gifts or occasional giving to suit tax planning.

  • Fund your account with cash, shares or other not-cash assets.
  • Request a charitable gift to one or more charities.
  • Benefit from our robust charity verification, we safeguard every gift you make.

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Key features of our CAF Donor Advised Gift

Our Donor Advised Gift gives you the flexibility to give cash, shares and other assets. Note that a minimum donation of £10,000 in cash and £25,000 in non-cash assets applies.

Claim UK tax relief at the point of your gift to CAF and request onward distribution to beneficiaries around the world.

Where eligible, benefit from Gift Aid to increase the value of your donation by 25%

CAF is trusted with over £1bn in assets by private philanthropists and distributed over £1m per day to beneficiaries last year.

Verification of all beneficiary organisations is completed by our specialised team, providing certainty that funds reach their intended destination.

You can give through CAF’s UK offshore facility. No set up fees are usually associated with private foundations.

Our global verification service ensures your donations go to genuine causes and stay compliant with HMRC rules on foreign donations.

Support the causes you want without having to reveal your identity if you don’t wish to.

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