Maximize the impact of your giving 

We are one of the few providers of donor advised funds to offer an in-house advisory service to our Charitable Trust clients.

Through our strategic, evidence-based approach to giving, we work with to bring your ambitions to life and ensure you are confident in your giving decisions. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and in control of your giving. No matter how far along you are in your journey, we can support you to develop and revise your strategy, try something new or challenge preconceived ideas.

Our approach to supporting you:

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We start by understanding your values, giving history, and objectives by phone or face to face meetings.

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We work with you to develop a philanthropic strategy to achieve your goals. Whether it’s involving the next generation, understanding what type of philanthropist you are or narrowing in on the problems you want to solve.

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We look into organisations and cause areas that align with your goals, and
prepare a report of recommendations for your review.

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We report back to you 12 months after a donation has been made to let you know what impact you have helped to achieve.

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If you are making repeat donations, we can help you take stock of your giving, adjust your strategy accordingly, and ensure you stay on track.

Evidence-based philanthropic advice

CAF’s unrivalled expertise in global philanthropy and our team of experts are what make our advisory offering unique.

We have more than 90 years’ experience connecting donors with charitable causes and our global network of offices means we can connect our clients with causes around the world. By working together we can create a much bigger impact.

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"When I started my discussions with a CAF advisor, I had clear, but general, objectives that I wanted to achieve with my charitable giving. The outcome of two conversations with the advisor was a document that has served as a guide to my giving."

- Philip Forth, Trust for Local Response

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