Support the DEC Cyclone Idai appeal

The Disasters Emergency Committee have launched an appeal to support those affected by the cyclone in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Search for DEC (Cyclone Idai Appeal) to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee from your CAF Charity Account, CAF Charitable Trust or CAF Company Account, by credit or debit card or PayPal. Simply log into your CAF Account now, or make a one-off donation here.

You can also donate to any of the 14 member charities, or any charity supporting efforts in the region.

For regular updates on this appeal, please visit

Thank you for your continued generosity.


  • What is the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)?
    The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is an umbrella organisation for 14 humanitarian aid agencies that unites UK aid efforts in times of disaster or crisis, in poorer countries around the world.
  • Which charities receive the donations made towards DEC’s appeals?
    Details of the fourteen member agencies of DEC can be found on the DEC website.
  • How will my / my organisation’s donation to this appeal be used?
    The DEC website hosts a page dedicated to its latest Appeal where you will find updates on the progress of the appeal and details of how the donations are to be used. Visit the DEC website to find out more.
  • Why is CAF supporting DEC in this way – what about all the other charities in the UK?
    We are a cause-neutral charity whose mission is to enable donors to give more effectively to any charity or cause they care about, whether that is a DEC appeal or any other charitable appeal.

    We have traditionally promoted DEC appeals, from the Japanese Tsunami to the earthquake in Nepal to the humanitarian crisis in East Africa.

    We believe it is important to highlight the ways in which any member of the public can give to DEC or any charity of their choice at any time of their choosing.
  • I would prefer to donate to an individual charity, rather than to DEC’s Appeal fund. Where can I find details of the charities working in this area?
    If you prefer to make a donation to a specific charity, you can find out which of DEC’s member charities are involved in its latest Appeal on the DEC website.

    You can also use the ‘Find a charity’ search function on our website to identify other charities working in the areas you are interested in.

  • How can I receive updates on this emergency appeal?

    You can subscribe to regular email updates about DEC’s overseas disaster appeals and activities on its website.

    You can also follow DEC on: