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CAF World Giving Index 2016 | Giving and volunteering around the world 
The 2016 edition of the CAF World Giving Index looks at charitable behaviour round the world. Find out how people donated, gave their time & helped others,

Giving to charity around the world | CAF World Giving Index 2011 
This is the second edition of the popular annual 'World Giving Index' report which tracks giving behaviours across 153 countries.

Charitable giving around the world | CAF World Giving Index 2010 
The “World Giving Index” is the first report of its kind looking at charitable behaviour across the world.

World Giving Index shows Africa is exception in a less generous world 
While there's has been a decrease in generosity since our last Index, Africa has bucked this trend as the only continent to see an increase in giving.

CAF World Giving Index 2017 | A global view of giving trends | CAF 
In the 8th edition of the CAF World Giving Index, we’ve collected data from 139 countries, which represents an incredible 95% of the world’s population.

World Giving Index 2014 Infographic - Top Giving Countries 
The World Giving Index lnfographic gives an overview of the top giving countries and some interesting facts about giving in 2014.

CAF World Giving Index 2013 | Charitable giving in 130+ countries 
World Giving Index 2013 looks at the charitable behaviour of more than 130 countries. Find out who's donating to charity, volunteering & helping a stranger

CAF World Giving Index 10th Edition| Ten years of giving trends 
The CAF World Giving Index 10th Edition report provides a decade’s worth of combined insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world.

CAF World Giving Index 2018 | Research into global giving behaviour 
The CAF World Giving Index 2018 looks at charitable behaviour around the world and shares insights into the nature of giving & trends in global generosity.

2016 World Giving Index shows Myanmar is most generous nation 
Read our Giving Thought blog on how Myanmar topped the World Giving Index for charitable giving in 2016.