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CAF World Giving Index 2015 | CAF 
More people across the world are giving to good causes and helping others – CAF World Giving Index 2015.

Giving in Africa climbs as Western world falters | CAF 
Giving in Africa has risen, bucking a global fall this year according to the 2016 CAF World Giving Index, the leading global index of generosity.

World becomes less generous amid ‘double dip’ in giving | CAF 
Giving worldwide appears to be mirroring global economic patterns as world becomes a less generous place.

Thank you | CAF World Giving Index 10th Edition| Ten years of giving trends 
The CAF World Giving Index 10th Edition report provides a decade’s worth of combined insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world.

How much did the global population give | CAF World Giving Index 2014 
In the 2014 World Giving Index, donating money was the only behaviour that has declined in terms of participation as a percentage of the global population.

How many people have helped a stranger | CAF World Giving Index 2014 
How many people around the world would help a stranger? Would you? Our 2014 report looked at how this behaviour has increased from the previous year.

UK is one of the top 10 most generous countries in the world 
The UK is back in the top ten most generous countries in the world, according to the CAF World Giving Index – the world’s leading measure of global generosity.

Beyond Benchmarks - Active or Passive Investment Management 
There are two main strategies to management your investment, active and passive. See how each works and what it focuses on with this free online guide.

Susan Pinkney Head of CAF Research and Insight CAF 
Susan has extensive public speaking experience and is an expert on explaining how people give, bringing research to life and making the complex simple.

Understanding strategies and styles of investing | CAF 
Investment managers have different approaches to meet the objectives of their portfolios, determining the future risks and returns associated with them.