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My Giving News | e-Newsletter for Individuals | CAF 

Is the focus on star philanthropy unhealthy 
Philanthropy of the wealthy is laudable but a healthy civil society is built on ordinary people's generosity. We should celebrate the latter.

Charity Investment Glossary - Understanding the Terms - CAF 
Our glossary gives a definition for commonly used terms when making a charitable investment. Demystify investing and accounting terms today!

Insight into giving in Ireland | The challenges facing Irish charities 
What's the state of the charity sector in Ireland? Are many of the challenges facing Britain’s charities being mirrored across the Irish Sea? Find out more

CAF Give As You Earn case studies | FTSE International 
In 2010, the Charity Committee put forward a proposal to introduce payroll giving to its staff. That's where CAF Give As You Earn came in.

Media Office archive article 

Beyond Integrity Angola | The fight for free speech 
Find out how the BHRRC and Brian Leber took the lead in connecting CSOs with the advocacy action taken by business.

Giving overseas Development aid and its discontents | Giving Thought 
Where spending occurs overseas it is more important than ever for the electorate to scrutinise and question decisions and outcomes.