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UK drops out of top 10 most generous countries as fundraisers halted 
The UK has dropped out of the ranking of the world’s most generous countries for the first time as the effects of lockdowns on charity fundraising took hold.

Understanding strategies and styles of investing | CAF 
Investment managers have different approaches to meet the objectives of their portfolios, determining the future risks and returns associated with them.

My Giving News | e-Newsletter for Individuals | CAF 

CAF publishes new research into charitable giving in Tanzania 
The scale of giving by middle-class Tanzanians is revealed in a comprehensive new study of charitable giving published today.

Charity Investment Glossary - Understanding the Terms - CAF 
Our glossary gives a definition for commonly used terms when making a charitable investment. Demystify investing and accounting terms today!

Is the focus on star philanthropy unhealthy 
Philanthropy of the wealthy is laudable but a healthy civil society is built on ordinary people's generosity. We should celebrate the latter.

Britons shift donations to NHS charities away from children & animals 
Charitable giving in the UK has shifted dramatically towards support for hospitals and NHS organisations since the Covid-19 pandemic took hold.

Research - Exploring Trends and Improving Knowledge 
We share our knowledge to help influence the decisions of charities, companies, donors, policy-makers, researchers and journalists worldwide.

Covid and Philanthropy - Mark Greer blog, CAF American Donor Fund 

Funding the future of civil society  
The role of collective local and global infrastructure in nurturing democracy beyond Covid-19