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Ground-breaking east Africa research reveals world-leading levels of generosity 
The study found that in Kenya, the growing middle classes are giving away 22% of their monthly income, a figure that rose to 24% in Tanzania and 31% in Uganda.

CAF international giving publications 
CAF has published more than ten years of international giving research, insight and analysis. All reports are free to read and download.

Giving makes us happy | Giving Thought blog 
Its an oft-repeated truism that giving makes you happy, but how well does this assumption stand up to rigour?

Recommendations to grow mass engagement in giving | CAF Growing Giving 
As part of Laying the Groundwork for Growing Giving we offer some recommendations for growing mass engagement in giving.

Unlock giving, how does the UK compare 
Policy recommendations for growing giving in the UK, based on comparisons of five other countries.

Understanding strategies and styles of investing | CAF 
Investment managers have different approaches to meet the objectives of their portfolios, determining the future risks and returns associated with them.

Blockchain - podcast themes 
Our podcasts on Blockchain

Advocacy - podcast themes 
Our podcasts on advocacy

CAF UK Giving 2018 | Free report into UK giving behaviour 

Research - Exploring Trends and Improving Knowledge 
We share our knowledge to help influence the decisions of charities, companies, donors, policy-makers, researchers and journalists worldwide.