Personal giving


You have the power to make a difference to lives and communities around the world.

Londoners help change the world:

  • On average you're more likely to have bought an ethical product.
  • One in ten of you have taken part in a public demonstration or protest in the last year.
  • More than one in ten Londoners say they'll give more to charity in the next 12 months.

Every day we help thousands of generous people like you, support the causes that matter to you. Read on to find out how we can help you make a bigger difference.

Your giving in action

No matter how much you want to give, it makes a difference to the causes you care about. Here are two stories that show the impact your giving can have.

Small donations making a big difference

The Celia Hammond Animal Trust operates in London and the South East to help stray, abandoned and unwanted animals. Their work is built on fantastic small, regular donations.

Watch the charity in action 

If you want to help a local charity, you can use our charity search to find causes in your area and donate to them online.
Quote from Celia Hammond Animal Trust
Quote from Martin Lewis

Money Saving Expert's Martin Lewis focuses his giving on debt and mental health

"Consumer champion" Martin Lewis is a long-standing philanthropy client. Using the flexibility of the CAF Charitable Trust he has donated more than £10 million to the causes he cares about most.

Read about Martin's impact

More than one way to give

In addition to the CAF Charity Account, here are other ways you can manage your giving.


Start your philanthropy journey

Start your philanthropy journey

Whether you want to give £10,000 or millions to charity, together we can help you achieve more for the causes you care about.

Find out about CAF Charitable Trust
Payroll giving

Payroll giving

CAF Give As You Earn is an easy and cost-effective way to donate to the causes you care about straight from your pay.

How payroll giving works
Leave a legacy through charitable giving

Create your legacy

Leave one gift in your Will to benefit as many charities as you choose.

Find out about CAF Legacy Account


Why do people give?

Have you ever wondered why people make charitable donations? We’ve got the inside info on why people give.

Make a bigger difference this year

Here are some imaginative ways for you to support the causes close to your heart.

How to fundraise for your favourite charity

Whether you have lots of experience, or are fundraising for the first time, having a carefully thought-out plan can help.